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We offer one of the most diverse groups of highly trained animals in the world.

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle; easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we would still live no other way."—Irving Townsend

Animals in Action

The creatures on this planet can do amazing things. Animals in Action shows some captivating ways that Gentle Jungle animals move and interact with people and each other in the environments that surround them.


Throughout history the horse has been a conduit of mankind's extended ability to run faster, jump higher and work harder. An iconic image of grace and beauty.


Man’s best friend is happy to play many parts in our lives. No other animal has a broader range of ability to express emotion. Dogs give us their absolute all when our relationship is the focus of their love and trust.

Big Cats

When we think of lions, we think of Africa. When we think of tigers, we think of India. When we think of cheetahs, we think of the fastest land animal. We have marveled at big cats for thousands of years and their beauty and design captivates us.


Wolves have long been a symbol of mystery and spirituality. The lone wolf, a pack of wolves, they create a mood, texture, and emotion like no other animals.


Animals not of our everyday variety. Sleek and powerful, strange and wonderful. From the savannas of South Africa to the Australian outback, the exotic animals of the world remind us of the great diversity in the animal kingdom.

Cattle & Domestics

Cattle, sheep, goats, mules, as well as other domestics, these animals have played a major role in our lives throughout history. A debt owed, an integral part of our survival and advancement as humans.

Small Animals

From spiders, snakes, and rats to bats, bush babies, and meerkats, smaller animals have been fascinating, frightening, and entertaining us for thousands of years. The small animal kingdom is filled with an infinite variety of creatures.


From domestic chickens, ducks and geese to exotic parrots, ostriches and vultures and the raptors, owls, falcons and eagles. Feathered animals with so many different associated imageries still inspire the envy of wings.

We owe our success to our animals.

It’s easy for us to talk about our talents and achievements. Seldom do we have the opportunity or the space to bring attention to the really important things that have made us so successful—our animals.

They live such a short time and yet have such a profound impact on our lives. Gideon, Kipling, Sudan, Oleg, Casey, Agusto, Scooter, Voodoo, Sirocco, Maverick, Ivan and Rugby have all graced our lives. They have shaped our business and those of us they touched forever. They have made our entire journey so bittersweet. We will never be able to duplicate the joy they have given us.

We enjoy volunteering our time, training experience, and lending a practical hand with wild dogs and with cheetahs for the DeWilt Cheetah Foundation in South Africa. We will always try to support animals in the wild and represent them in a way that they can always be remembered for what they were meant to be—wild.

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