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‘Killing It’ is a comedy series that revolves around Craig Foster, a security guard at a bank in Miami. He has grand plans to achieve the American dream by becoming a successful entrepreneur so that he can support his pre-teen daughter, Vanessa, along with his ex-wife, Camille. Things take a wild turn when Craig meets Jillian, who introduces him to the world of state-sponsored python hunting.

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Peacock’s original comedy, Killing It, stars Craig Robinson as an underdog pursuing the American Dream, facing relatable - yet absurd - obstacles in order to make it big. This hilarious new series highlights the insanity of today’s get-rich-or-die-trying culture, and is brought to you by the duo who produced The Office & Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Killing It
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In this rags-to-riches sitcom about class and capitalism, Craig Foster is a bank security guard living in Miami and struggling to make ends meet. He and his ex-wife, Camille, uneasily co-parent their pre-teen daughter, Vanessa. Craig has grand plans to become an entrepreneur, but no way of getting his ideas off the ground.


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