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The Yellowstone TV Series follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The ranch is under constant attack by those it borders—land developers, an Indian reservation, and United States First National Park—Yellowstone. Visit the town where the Yellowstone TV Series is filmed here.

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John Dutton's cowboy hat may as well be a crown; he's Montana royalty with many working against him to take some or all of what he owns. Looking out over the Yellowstone Ranch, he pauses and says, “If a man had all the money in the world, this is what he would buy.”

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The golden age of classic Western films may be over, but a new kind of Western has emerged—Yellowstone. There will be consequences for anyone that threatens the Dutton family or their magnificent Montana ranch.

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Yellowstone is the first network TV series filmed in Montana and has proven to be a breakout hit for Paramount Network, averaging around 5 million viewers per episode in delayed viewing.


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Sled Reynolds

"Yellowstone - One of My Favorites!"

"Yellowstone, it's a really unique project. We move around a lot, working in locations like Utah and Montana. We have a lot of horses, we use our wolves, bear, rattlesnakes; we do coyotes, we do a lot of dog work. Every day is a little different. We use bucking horses one day, we team rope the next day, we use reining horses the next day, we may cut cattle the next day. Yellowstone is one of my favorites.”

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